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Unique Features
1. How does the SkinLite differ from other skin analysis tools?

  • The SkinLite offers views into the skin to a depth of 2mm, while most other skin analysis tools only magnify the surface of the skin
  • The SkinLite offers unparalleled views of sub-surface skin conditions that are not visible with a magnifying lamp, a woods lamp, or the naked eye, in addition to also magnifying the image viewed to 10X
  • Remarkably compact in size and weighing only 3.5 ounces, the SkinLite is extremely portable; the SkinLite can easily be kept daily in a uniform or trouser pocket, for immediate use where and when needed throughout the day
  • The SkinLite does not require the use of immersion oil, as do traditional dermatascopes

2. What is the difference between the SkinLite and the SkinLite II?

  • Both devices reveal sub-surface structures of the skin, to a depth of approximately 2 mm
  • The SkinLite II magnifies a wider, sub-surface view (75mm lens width) of the skin to 2X, while the SkinLite magnifies its much more targeted view of individual skin irregularities to 10X magnification
  • With its ability to examine significantly larger areas of skin, the SkinLite II is an extraordinarily beneficial skin examination tool that enables practitioners to perform a uniquely thorough, sub-surface examination of a client’s overall skin condition
  • Prior to specific treatments, however, it is the smaller, SkinLite that becomes essential in assisting skin care professionals further by revealing an astonishing and even more detailed, sub-surface view of an individually targeted skin irregularity or skin structure

3. How is the SkinLite operated?

  • Very easily

  • Simply:
    i) Press the wide, flat side button with thumb
    ii) Place spacer lens directly onto skin
    ii) Look through lens

4. Is the SkinLite portable enough to be easily transported?

  • Yes, remarkably so

  • Weighing a mere 3.5 ounces and compact in size, the SkinLite can easily be placed in a jacket or trouser pocket, for immediate use where and when needed

5. What are the SkinLite’s magnification capabilities?

  • 10X magnification

  • 2 mm in-depth view of skin conditions


Protocols/Revenue Generation
6. How will the SkinLite benefit my clinic/office/business?

  • Increases capability of skin examinations, thereby also supporting the effectiveness of chosen treatment procedures
  • Immediately projects a more professional and advanced image for facility procedures, during preliminary and follow-up examination sessions


*Please inquire about our Special Package Set
(Lamprobe + CryoProbe + SkinLite)

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