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The Healthy Aging Solution
September 2011

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Rave Reviews

“Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution”
-Selected for the Official Recommended Book List for CIDESCO schools

“Full of new ideas and comments, this book provides precious information in the area of food and wellness for health care professionals, [etc]…and all wanting to know more in this area.”
-P. Morganti
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Applied Cosmetology
(Official journal of the International Society of Cosmetic Dermatology)

“This easy-to-read and highly educational book is an essential tool for health care and skin care professionals. A must-read!”
-Nadine Dundas
Fitness Program Coordinator, University of Toronto, and personal trainer

“This book provides skin care professionals with essential knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and anti-aging to enhance your level of service to clients. It is a compulsory book for your reference library.”
-James Meschino, DC
Author, The Wrinkle Free Zone

"We are delighted to be able to introduce Pat Lam's outstanding new book to the professional skin care community.
-Melinda Tashetta-Millane
Editor-in Chief, Skin Inc magazine





  • Basics of Nutrition
  • Macronutrients
  • Dietary Planning Support
  • Nutritional Support for Skin Conditions
  • Women’s Nutritional Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Preventative Health Care
  • Anti-Aging and Nutrition
  • Food Labels
  • Physical Fitness (and more..)


  • Provides the skin care practitioner with a comprehensive, step-by-step introduction to the basics of nutrition, to fully and holistically support client skin and body care
  • Supplies useful dietary and nutritional planning support, including easy-to-use reference charts, specifically designed to assist in client assessment and counseling
  • Offers specific preventative care guidelines and strategies for a wide range of clients’ aging-related problems

Indispensable Healthy Aging Resource Guide

Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution is a comprehensive, multi-faceted textbook specifically aimed towards providing the modern skin care professional with essential information regarding the subject of nutrition, in relation to contemporary client care.

Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution also offers an extensive overview of the most recent findings and developments in the burgeoning, associated fields of anti-aging and holistic care.

With in-depth coverage of a wide array of interrelated and timely topics, this textbook is a “must-have” reference for today’s skin care professional interested in providing her or his clients with the most advanced standards of overall skin and body care.

Integral Approach for Maximized Results
As science continues to reveal the connection between the aging process and nutrition, an essential knowledge of nutrition, as well as some training in nutritional counseling, is becoming a necessary component in the education of the modern esthetician.

Pat Lam’s new textbook, Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution, provides a comprehensive introduction to nutrition as a science, as well as a foundation for understanding some of the key contributing factors of aging.


Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution (Lam, Pat. Carol Stream, IL: Allured Publishing Corporation, 2004), Hard cover: 359 pages.



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