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Depigmentation Mask



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  • All skin types
  • Dull, devitalized skin
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Sensitive or inflamed skin
  • Fatigued skin
  • Sun-exposed skin
  • Blotchy skin
  • Hyperpigmented skin


  • Deep cleanses
  • Tones down redness
  • Cools inflamed skin texture
  • Stimulates blood circulation

  • Eliminates toxins
  • Soothes sensitivity
  • Brightens dull, devitalized skin

High concentration of active ingredients

Lam Professional Masks, from Lam Skin Care, form an integral part of any complete professional skin care treatment. Incorporating highly active ingredients, these professional masks are designed to diffuse and penetrate, sealing their enriching ingredients into the skin at the end of a professional skin care treatment.

Professional customization of active ingredients to optimize results
Lam Professional Masks support professional skin care therapists in performing one of their most critical responsibilities during a skin care treatment: the optimization of treatment results by selecting and utilizing the appropriate product to achieve the target result for each client’s particular skin type and needs.

Based on the mask utilized, specific functions can include: cooling and calming inflamed skin, moisturizing or toning the skin, rejuvenating and refreshing the skin, skin exfoliation, tightening the skin, stimulating blood circulation, replenishing nutrition to the skin with vitamins and minerals, and even brightening dull and devitalized skin.

Improving appearance and health
Beyond targeted assistance for the client’s individual skin needs, Lam Professional Masks beautifully complete a professional skin care treatment.

Lam Professional Masks leave the skin fresh, clean, hydrated, and non-oily. The skin’s cleansed pores are reduced in size, giving the appearance of smoother, softer skin. By optimizing the natural functioning of the skin as a critical barrier protecting the body from viruses and infections, Lam Professional Masks help to support both skin and overall body health.


  • Educates and elevates clients’ perception of treatment value, through the delivery of more customized service

  • Optimizes treatment results, thereby increasing customer loyalty


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