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  • Evaluate business plan, ensuring that it incorporates clear and achievable economic and operational targets,  realistic time frames, and a viable cost structure
  • Aid to identify and prioritize the initial and early investment towards assets and resources that are necessary, with an appropriate timing schedule, without incurring unnecessary waste
  • Assist in the selection and creation of a optimal menu of revenue-generating services that offers an attractive value proposition to its targeted customer base
  • Aid in the design of an efficient facility layout and daily operational process, based on resources available (# of rooms available, manpower hours, capabilities, etc), with focus on optimizing profitability and service
  • Personalized, experienced guidance through the often complicated new facility set-up process
  • Avoid many of the common pitfalls that many new skin care facilities fall prey to
  • Maximize your chances of building a viable, sustainable business operation
  • Effectively leverage strengths and resources
  • Maximize operational efficiency and profitability, while providing the highest level of service to your clientele
  • Establish a healthy foundation for future growth

Establishment of a Healthy Foundation
If you are in the process of setting up, or are contemplating setting up, a new skin care facility or medical-aesthetic facility, we can help you in guiding you through this often complicated process.

Skin Care Consultants can work with you during this essential set-up phase to establish a healthy foundation that will effectively support and promote a financially successful and sustainable business operation. 

Business Model and Value Proposition
Selecting the appropriate business model for your new business is critical.  Skin Care Consultants can assist you to develop a business model that leverages your strengths, while offering an attractive value proposition to your targeted customer market. 

Concurrently, we can help you to establish an efficient operational and cost structure, as well help you to avoid many of the common pitfalls that many new skin care businesses fall prey to.

Return on Investment
We know that starting a new enterprise necessitates a notable commitment of time and investment. 

Our goal is help to you ensure that your efforts and precious resources are spent wisely, to enable you to provide a high level of service for your clients, while generating a targeted return on your investment. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the implementation and realization of your project aspirations.


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