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  • Assistance in selection of optimal business model, based  on facility’s inherent strengths and resources
  • Advisement on investment levels/stages/timeframes needed to successfully market and build business over sustained period
  • Identification of services and technologies to maximize profitability and sustainability, with an emphasis on non-invasive
  • Determination of optimal operational and scheduling procedures/processes, as well as facility layout, to minimize costs and fully leverage resources available (# of rooms, manpower hours/skill levels available etc)
  • Personalized, experienced guidance through the often complicated new facility set-up process
  • Avoid much of the misleading hype and many common pitfalls that many new medspa facilities fall prey to
  • Maintain direct control of your own operation
  • Maximize your chances of building a viable, sustainable operation by leveraging your strengths, growing business step-by-step, and managing long-term cash-flow
  • Maximize operational efficiency and profitability, while providing a valued service offer to the market
  • Establish a healthy foundation for future growth

The New Hybrid: The Medspa
Skin Care Consultants provides expert guidance and support during the increasing transformation of medical and aesthetic practices into medical-aesthetic or medspa facilities.

Market dynamics are promoting the steadily increasing emergence of a new hybrid, the medspa, in the burgeoning aesthetic beauty industry.  This popular transformation process, however, is fraught with risk.  For every new medspa introduced to the market today, many others face closure within their first 2 years of business.

Personal Mentoring
Skin Care Consultants can help you to avoid many of these pitfalls that many new medspas fall prey to in their early phases, such as an overinvestment in unnecessary and expensive equipment or poor cash flow planning. 

We do not offer turn-key solutions.  Instead we act as mentors, helping you to concentrate your expansion on adding profitable, value-added services that will meet market demands and expectations, while concurrently being viable and deliverable, based on your own practice’s resources and strengths.

Long-term Outlook for Sustainable Success
Our goal is to help medspas develop workable business models based on sound business principles for long-term sustainability, rather than the hype of the over-promise of immediate gratification.  

We provide our clients with a realistic, frank outlook of the time, operational dynamics, and stage investment needed to operate, market, and build a profitable medspa over time.

Skin Care Consultants works with clients, both individual and non-franchised chain enterprises, to help them develop medspa operations that will profitably thrive in this burgeoning, yet highly competitive, specialized sector.  We invite you to discuss with us your present or future goals for your own facility.


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