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Preparatory Course


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  • Exclusively tailored 8-day CIDESCO Preparatory Program, specifically designed to maximize participant success in obtaining prestigious CIDESCO Diploma
  • Expert student coaching and guided review of all main aspects of multi-faceted CIDESCO Examination
  • Covers both Practical and Theory Sections of extensive 2-day CIDESCO Examination
  • Includes 2 complete CIDESCO Trial Examinations, with a personalized review of results
  • Culminates with administration of final Official CIDESCO Examination, presided and judged by impartial visiting CIDESCO International Examiner


  • Significantly increase chances of successfully passing rigorous CIDESCO examination (70% pass mark required)
  • Hone and update professional skills
  • Acquire new and useful practical skills
  • Augment theoretical knowledge
  • Increase overall confidence and capabilities
  • Upgrade professional standing and recognition
  • International CIDESCO Diploma is the most advanced and prestigious qualification obtainable in the field of esthetics

Systematic Preparation for Success
Skin Care Consultants’ CIDESCO Preparatory Course prepares graduating esthetic students attending a newly accredited CIDESCO school to successfully pass CIDESCO’s challenging qualifying examination and obtain the international CIDESCO Diploma, the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of esthetics.

Candidates will be intensively prepared, coached, and pre-tested on all main components of the extensive, multi-faceted CIDESCO Examination. Both practical and theoretical sections will be covered.

Skin Care Consultants’ CIDESCO Preparatory course is an intense eight-day program, divided into two separate 5-day and 3-day segments. These two course sessions are separated by a three to four month interim period of individual candidate study and preparation, following an initial 5-day segment.

This program is offered primarily to newly accredited CIDESCO schools which have been CIDESCO accredited for less than 2 years and is held on the school’s own premises.

CIDESCO Examination
The final 3-day segment will be followed immediately by the official 2-day CIDESCO Examination, to be administrated by the school. An impartial, visiting International CIDESCO Examiner will assess and score all candidates.

A 70% pass mark must be achieved on all sections of this internationally-standardized exam, to be granted the CIDESCO Diploma.

Expert Instruction and Guidance
With years of experience at the forefront of esthetics education, Skin Care Consultants is pre-eminently qualified to prepare candidates to successfully achieve the prestigious CIDESCO certification.

For over 25 years, Skin Care Consultants was home to the internationally recognized Lam School of Advanced Esthetics, which was the first and longest-running CIDESCO designated advanced esthetics school in North America and whose students held for years one of the highest success rates in passing the rigorously demanding CIDESCO diploma exam.

With a staunch dedication for promoting the highest industry standards, Skin Care Consultants looks forward to assisting every candidate achieve their desired goal for international recognition and professional advancement in the practice of skin and body care.



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